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vi●ces -- from● digital photo fram●es to coffe○e makers and ○refrigerato●rs -- that w〓ill redefine the 〓term 'household〓 appliance,'" h○e said. The fir〓st neo-diginet devic〓es are expecte■d to hit the● market in late ●2009. Company lead◆ers hope that〓 once their tec●hnology proves it●s appeal, applian●ce and device○ manufacturers wil●l start offering F○ugoo-ready p●roducts eq■uipped wit■h docking ports 〓for its modules, ●just as some cars n■ow come equi●pped with docking st■ations for port●able media players, ■according 〓to the Microso○ft release●. The CES, the wor◆ld's largest trad○e show for consumer● technology,◆ runs from Jan.● 8 to 11 in ●Las Vegas, ◆Nevada. It is the in○dustry's larges○t educational ●forum to help c●ompanies expand〓 their busine●sses and u○nderstand n■ew technology. Appr〓oximately 200● conferences and mo●re than 300 ex●pert speakers◆ encompass this ye◆ar's CES conference■s, Industry Insider○s and Super S●essions to discuss ●hot industry tre◆nds and topics. Re〓lated stori■es: The ●chilly temp●eratures have ●not been able to sto■p people in C〓hina from s〓hopping duri◆ng the three-day New○ Year holiday. Exc●ited consume○rs are everywher●e, rushing ●to make a purcha■se.It's all about ■shopping T●he New Year holida○y has igni◆ted enthus●iasm for cons〓umption. I●t seems that all of○ a sudden, every●one is out t◆o buy something.Che●n Bensong,〓 Supermarket◆ Manager, said, "○Our daily con●sumer volu〓me stands 〓at around 60■-thousand. Sales o●f clothing, ◆healthcare pr■oducts and alcohol〓 have double○d."The gover○nment's moves◆ to extend its pr●o-consumption me■asures have〓 fueled the cra○ze. People are sta○nding in long◆ queues to bu●y home appliance■s.Wu Chaokun, Su■permarket Manag■er, said, "It's r○eally hot this year◆. The macro-econ●omic recovery ◆has greatly boosted〓 our businesses.◆ Sales of ■TV sets, was○hing machines◆ and comput■ers have all incr●eased 200 per〓cent from a year e〓arlier."China mov●es to tap rural mar●ket potentialThe doc◆ument said the g○overnment would ■provide a 13-p◆ercent subsidy to al○l rural buyers of ho■me appliances, i○ncluding color TVs●, refrigerato○rs, mobile phones, ◆washing machines 〓and freezer〓s. BEIJING, March 1○5 (Xinhua) -- The f〓ollowing is the 〓full text of th■e Report on t●he Work of the Gove■rnment deliver●ed by Premier Wen■ Jiabao at the Thi○rd Session of the● Eleventh National ●People's Congress■ on March 5,○ 2010 and adopted■ on March 14, 20〓10: Fellow De●puties, On beh○alf of the State C○ouncil, I now pres◆ent to you my〓 report on the work ◆of the gover〓nment for your● deliberation and a○pproval. I also〓 invite the members● of the National ●Committee of the Chi◆nese People's Pol●itical Con○sultative Confer○ence (CPPCC) to 〓provide comments ○and suggestions. I●. Review of Work in〓 2009 The year〓 2009 was the ●most diffi○cult year for our co◆untry's eco〓nomic develop○ment since the■ beginning of the n○ew century. ○This time las●t year the● global financi○al crisis ◆was still sp●reading, and th◆e world econo〓my was in a ●deep recession. Ou◆r economy was sever●ely affecte●d; our exports ●decreased significa■ntly; a large num●ber of enterprises h●ad operati〓ng difficulties, and〓 some even suspend〓ed production or clo●sed down; the numb◆er of unem■ployed peo○ple increas●ed significantly○; many migrant worke●rs had to return t◆o their home 〓villages; and the ●pace of our econ■omic growth s○uddenly slowed down〓. In these unusually● difficult cir◆cumstances, t〓he people of all our● ethnic group■s fortified their 〓confidence, tackl○ed difficulties hea○d on, worked t■enaciously, an○d responded● calmly to t○he impact of the ●global financi●al crisis under ●the firm lea●dership of t〓he Communist Party ●of China (CP●C). Our economy● was the first i■n the world to hav◆e made a tur■naround, and we ●made major new ◆achievements◆ in reform and ●opening up a●s well as socialis■t moderniz■ation. GDP reach◆ed 33.5 tril○lion

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yuan, ●an increase of 8.7% ◆over the pre■vious year (here an●d below). Fiscal re〓venue was 6.85 tri●llion yuan, up 11.7〓%. Grain pro●duction was 53〓0.82 million tons, ●a new recor●d and an increase f●or the sixth con■secutive year●. A total o◆f 11.02 million urb●an jobs were c◆reated. The ●per capita dispos●able incom●e of urban resi●dents was 17●,175 yuan, and t●he net per capita i●ncome of rural ■residents was 5,○153 yuan, 〓up 9.8% and〓 8.5% respect○ively in rea●l terms. We to●ok another st●eady step a◆l

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ong the path of b■uilding a moderatel●y prosperous ■society in all res●pects. Even●ts again proved■ that no difficult■ies or obstacles can● impede the co◆urse of the● great rejuvenatio●n of the Chinese na◆tion. The past year ●was truly extraord■inary and inspir●ing. We held a gran●d celebrat■ion of the 60th ann◆iversary of ○the founding of◆ New China.○ The outstanding〓 achievement●s we made ●in that time■ have greatly b●oosted the confid◆ence and pride〓 of the people,● strengthened the co◆hesiveness of◆ the Chines◆

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e nation, an●d raised China's in●ternational s〓tanding and influen■ce. All this def〓initely enco○urages us to co■ntinue to forge ah◆ead on the path ●of socialism 〓with Chinese charac●teristics. Over t〓he last year●, we mainly■ undertook the fol■lowing work. ■1. Strengthen〓ing and improv●ing macro-control a〓nd promotin◆g steady an○d rapid econ○omic developm■ent. We carried ○out a proactive fi〓scal policy and ○a moderately eas◆y monetary ●policy. We comp〓rehensively impl■emented and con〓stantly improved● the package

uil■d an almost unlim

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